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R01 Gift Pack + pink lemonade
6 Scented Play Clay Rolls: Cherryberry, sour green apple, orange sherbet, blueberry blast, pineapple punch, & grape bubblegum. Each Play Clay roll is approximately 5 ounces & comes in its own storage baggy.
Price: $13.00
RT1 Safari Tote
A vinyl tote filled with fun: all 7 colors of scented Play Clay, our unique clay roller, cookie cutters & a 12" x 9" foam play mat. A great gift for a great price.
Price: $25.00
Play Clay 6-Cup Set
Set contains 6 assorted cups (half lb. each) of organic Play Clay.
Price: $20.00
Select Color Set:
Set contains 6 cups (half lb. each) of the best gluten free dough you can get.
Price: $25.00
Select Color Set:
4 Pound Tubs (To order 9 or more tubs-includes all colors- call 800-925-2529)
A tub of our original organic scented Play Clay. We recommend just 1 color of play dough per play station, so the kids won't mix the colors. It's so not flaky!!
Price: $11.00
Choose color/scent:
5 lb. Tubs (To order 9 or more-includes all colors-call 800-925-2529)
A tub of the best, longest lasting play dough available. This dough is so pliable that little hands can play with it easily. It's worth every penny! See 'Helpful Info' for care instructions.
Price: $13.00
Choose color/scent:
G7 Just Dough/10.5 (To order 4 or more, including F7, call 800-925-2529)
BEST PRICE! 10.5 lbs. of dough. 1.5 lbs. of all 7 colors of scented Play Clay, the best play dough ever! Each color comes in it's own storage baggy.
Price: $25.00
F7 Gluten Free/10.5 lbs. (To order 4 or more, call 800-925-2529)
BEST PRICE! 10.5 lbs. of the best gluten free dough available. 1.5 lbs. of each color & scent. Ours lasts longer, so you save money. Each color comes in its own storage baggy.
Price: $35.00
R16 Clay Roller/set of 2
Two 9" plastic rollers with safe, rounded red & blue endcaps. This non-stick roller is very user-friendly...even easy for a 2 year old to use. A HIGH quality roller worth every penny. Storage tube not included.
Price: $10.00
R16-5 Clay Roller Pack
5 Clay Rollers for the price of 4. Endcaps are red & blue. Rolling is a favorite activity & very soothing, too. Great for classroom centers. If you qualify for a TAX DEDUCTION, call order in.
Price: $20.00
C75 Small Capsule Boot
Boot filled with 75 small Play Clay capsules in all 7 colors & scents. Boot is 9" tall. Capsules are 1.1". Great party favors. Our dough is so pliable, even a small amount goes a long way. Small parts-ages 3 & up.
Price: $35.00
C20 Large Capsule Boot
Boot full of 20 large assorted Play Clay capsules. Boot measure 9" tall. Capsules are 1.75" & are flexible so they won't crack. This is a big handful for a kid. Great for parties.
Price: $20.00
CF1 Clay Party Favors /set of 6
Each tube contains 9 small Play Clay capsules in all 7 assorted colors & scents. A great gift for any occassion. Small parts-ages 3 & up.
Price: $28.00
Water Bead Set
Get 6 assorted colors & have fun mixing or layering. These are fun gifts for teens, too. Each bag makes appr. 7 cups. Use distilled water for best results.
Price: $20.00
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